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After careful reflection on my predominantly direct instruction approach to teaching middle school math, I came to the realization that the majority of the students sitting in my classroom were maybe not listening to my lessons. Why? Well, this is not the way our students learn. When they want information, they Google it or look it up on YouTube. As a teacher depending predominately on direct instruction, I found I was repeating myself AFTER teaching the content to the class. It seem like around 30% didn’t need my instructions, 30% were so far behind that they didn’t understand what I taught and the other 40% learned from my instruction. I realized that if I limit my time teaching to the whole group, I would have more time to meet with and work with students at their level.

My students’ standardized test scores continue to grow. Last year, 43 of my students improved at least one level on their California Standardized Test Math Scores. Of those 43, 22 were second language learners or Special Education Students. I truly believe that removing myself from the front of the classroom and allowing students to access math content on their own terms and at their own pace, allows for true mathematical understanding and growth.

Flipped Classroom Resources

by Julie Garcia



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Curated Resources



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